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  • The AIR/SIGMETS Page contains 3 major sections:
  • The first section contains a link to another web page containing a Java Applet which allows users to zoom interactively to the region of their choosing and to interrogate the AIRMET or SIGMET icon for the full raw text. This has the highest complexity and is therefore the slowest but is the most valuable if interactive data browsing is desired.
  • The second section contains a table of links and a map. Click a link to view a pregenerated plots of SIGMETs of the specified type: Icing, Turbulence, IFR, Convective Sigmets, or all of the above on one plot. The map shows all current SIGMETs and may be enlarged for enhanced viewing. There is also a Lowest Freezing Level Graphic. The Freezing Level Graphic is derived from a composite of the Icing AIRMET text products.
  • The third section contains a FORM for obtaining the raw AIR/SIGMET text from the National Weather Service. Simply check the type(s) and and region(s) from the checkboxes, then push the Retrieve button.