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ADDS - Aviation Digital Data Service


AIRSIGMET CSV Output Data Format

  • What is CSV format?

  • CSV (Comma Separated Value) is a file format used as a "pseudo standard" to exchange data between applications. Results saved in this format can be read by Microsoft Excel and other applications.

  • Where I can I find out more?
    Please refer to the following links to learn more about the CSV file format:

    • Each row of AIRSIGMET data is returned as a separate line and AIRSIGMET fields are separated by a comma ','.

    • The AIRSIGMET fields are always returned in the order indicated by the AIRSIGMET Field Description . The latitude and longitude points that comprise the AIRSIGMET area are delimited by ':' and each lat/lon pair is delimited from another by a ';'.

    • Any fields that appear to be missing are either not reported in the AIRSIGMET or were not parsed.

    • The output includes some statistics about the request, such as the number of results and the time taken to fulfill the request.

    • All data is ordered by descending observation time.

    • An error message is generated when an error in the input request prevents the retrieval of data.

    • If a constraint parameter is missing and a default value exists, an appropriate warning message is produced and the default request is fulfilled.

    • For a description of the AIRSIGMET field names, their units and types, please refer to: AIRSIGMET Field Description

    An example of CSV output is below:

    Output for the last two hours of AIRSIGMETS that coincide with the area defined by the latitudes and longitudes: minLat=35, maxLat=45, minLon=-121 and maxLon=-119.

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