ADDS - Aviation Digital Data Service

AIRSIGMET XML Output Data Format

  • The AIRSIGMET XML output has an XML schema

  • Each row of AIRSIGMET data is returned as a separate 'AIRSIGMET' tag, followed by the AIRSIGMET fields. Any fields that appear to be missing are either not reported in the AIRSIGMET or were not parsed.

  • AIRSIGMET fields are returned in the same order, indicated by the AIRSIGMET Field Description.

  • The output includes some statistics about the request, such as the number of results and the time taken to fulfill the request.
  • All data is ordered by descending observation time.

  • An error message is generated when an error in the input request prevents the retrieval of data.

  • If a constraint parameter is missing and a default value exists, an appropriate warning message is produced and the default request is fulfilled.

  • For a description of the AIRSIGMET field names, their units and types, please refer to: AIRSIGMET Field Description

An example of XML output is below:

All AIRSIGMETs collected within the past 4 hours for the area bound by the latitude and longitudes: minLon=-120, minLat=40 maxLon=-118 and maxLat=45.

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