ADDS - Aviation Digital Data Service

Flight Path Tutorial: Step One
How to Use the Configuration Manager

  Each time the Flight Path Tool Application is started, the Configuration Manager allows a configuration file to be selected and loaded. The configuration file can save almost anything from the tool that is configurable such as data layers, data overlays, favorite flight routes, vertical cross sections, and zoom levels. There is a Default file that comes with the application, and if no files have been previously saved, this will be the only option. Once configuration files have been saved, those will be listed, as well as the Default file, and Other. The Other option is used to browse the local file system to load a configuration file from another location. Left click the arrow in the drop down box to select a configuration file, then click the Load button to load the application.

The Configuration Manager is also used to save and load configuration files. To load a different configuration file after the application has started, left click File->Load and choose a configuration file from the local file system.

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