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    General tips for using Java Tools
  • If you are not sure if you have Java installed, or what version you are running, go to the Sun Java Test Page and note the information you see there. If it reports that you do not have Java installed, there is a link at the top of the page for Java Software Download that will assist in guiding you to the appropriate version of Java for your system.
  • The ADDS Java tools require Netscape 4.06+ or Internet Explorer (I.E.) 4.72+ with Java enabled in the browser preferences.
  • Modem speeds greater than 33.6 kbps are desirable for downloading the tools.
  • Mac users: The Java Tools require support for Java version 1.1. Netscape for Mac does not support this version of Java unless you download the Mac Runtime for Java (MRJ) plug-in found here:
    Additionally, Java for Macintosh can be found at and Netscape 4.76 can be found at
  • When using the Flight Path Tool if a portion of California was cut off the edge of the map (using either Internet Explorer 4.72 or version 5.x), then please download the latest JVM as distributed by Sun. We are aware of this problem and this is the only fix. You will need to point your web browser to: and follow the instructions to download the appropriate file for your Operating system.