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PIREP Java Tool Defaults

By default, the Pirep Java Tool loads a map of the CONUS, draws reports of Turbulence on the display, updates the display when new data arrives, and sets the Report Time Selector Bar to display approximately 2 hours of data. The Pirep Java Tool loads with the following defaults set below:

The Overview Button and Window:

By pressing the Overview Button, an Overview window pops-up. The user can click on the outlined portions of the globe to view other domains. Currently, we are only receiving PIREPS for CONUS, Alaska, and Hawaii. The Overview window can also be used to roam on the map. By dragging the edges of the red box, the user can roam to new locations on the selected domain. The map view can be recentered by placing the mouse-cursor in the center of the red box, holding the left mouse button down, and dragging the red box to a new location on the map.

Reset Button:

The Reset Button resets the zoom level of the map to the entire projection for the selected map background.

UnZoom Button:

The Unzoom Button incrementally unzooms the view on the map display.

A screenshot of the improved PIREP Java Tool


Click on image hot spots on the globe to change domains.

Drag the edges of the red box to roam to a new location on the map.

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