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    What are METARs?
  • The next page tells more about METARs and how they are presented on ADDS. More information on METARs is provided by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).
    The METARs Page contains 3 major sections.
  • The first bullet contains a link to another web page containing a Java Applet which allows users to zoom interactively to the region of their choosing and to interrogate the station icon for the full raw METAR text. This has the highest complexity and is therefore the slowest but is the most valuable if interactive data browsing is desired.
  • The second bullet is an imagemap containing links to GIF images which are pre-generated and ready for viewing. They are re-created every hour about 13 minutes past the top of the hour. These plots depict temperature, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, and any reported weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.). Symbols are used whenever possible to reduce the clutter on the plot.
  • The third bullet contains a method for obtaining the latest surface weather information by accessing raw text METARs. Accessing raw METARs for specific stations is accomplished using the FORM and entering the 4-letter ICAO station identifier. This should retrieve the most recent observation for the requested station(s).