Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by TAFs form (0123 UTC 23 July 2017)
found at http://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/tafs/
METAR text: ZBTJ 230100Z VRB01MPS 9999 OVC040 27/20 Q1006 NOSIG
Conditions at: ZBTJ (TIANJIN/ZHANGGUI, CN) observed 0100 UTC 23 July 2017
Temperature: 27.0°C (81°F)
Dewpoint: 20.0°C (68°F) [RH = 66%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.70 inches Hg (1006.0 mb)
Winds: variable direction winds at 2 MPH (2 knots; 1.0 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles (10+ km)
Ceiling: 4000 feet AGL
Clouds: overcast cloud deck at 4000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

Text: TAF ZBTJ 221938Z 2300/2324 09004MPS 3000 BR NSC TX29/2307Z TN23/2321Z
Forecast period: 0000 UTC 23 July 2017 to 0000 UTC 24 July 2017
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the E (90 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 knots; 4.2 m/s)
Visibility: 1.86 miles (2.99 km)
Clouds: not forecast
Weather: BR  (mist)
Text: TEMPO 2308/2314 -TSRA SCT030CB
Forecast period: 0800 to 1400 UTC 23 July 2017
Forecast type: TEMPORARY: The following changes expected for less than half the time period
Clouds: scattered clouds at 3000 feet AGL
Weather: -TSRA  (light rain associated with thunderstorm(s))