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    The TAFs Page contains 3 major sections:
  • The first section contains a link to the TAFs Java Tool. Click on this link and a Java applet will load on a different page. Once the applet has loaded, move the cursor over a TAF site and the latest raw text TAF will appear. Hold down the mouse button while dragging it to zoom in on a location and unclutter the map. If 'auto-update' is selected, the data will update automatically.
  • The second section contains a method for obtaining the latest plots of TAFs. Click either "Prevailing" or "Temporary" conditions, then select the desired valid time, then click on the map. The METAR help pages have a legend for the weather symbols.
  • The third section contains a method for obtaining the latest raw and translated Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) data from the National Weather Service. Accessing TAFs for specific stations is accomplished using the FORM and entering the 4-letter ICAO station identifier and clicking on the TAF Only or TAF and METAR button. This should retrieve the most recent forecast for the requested station(s). Obtain all stations in a given state by entering @ and a state abbreviation (@NY, @NJ for example).