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    VFR conditions will be found over the TAF sites in the Ohio
    Valley for the next 24-30 hours. AS deck 15-20kft will be
    prevalent for the next few hours and could wash out before
    daybreak. After daybreak, lower stratus 3-4kft that is already
    apparent over much of KY and wrn IN will spread into the region
    as winds pick up from the west and see gusts to 20-25kt from
    late morning until early afternoon. Stratus will hang tough
    today as a H8 thermal trough remains entrenched over western
    OH. Late in the day and moreso in the evening, warm air will be
    advected in and should help cut the stratus deck as well as
    limit any lingering gusty winds.
    OUTLOOK...MVFR ceilings and visibilities are possible Sunday
    into Monday.