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    South-Central Arizona including KPHX, KIWA, and KSDL:
    Somewhat stubborn easterly flow through the early afternoon is
    expected to lessen this afternoon, leading to more variable
    surface winds. East flow will re-establish later this evening and
    continue into Thursday morning. In fact, an incoming cold front
    will bring an increase in northeast winds Thursday afternoon, into
    the 7-14 kt range (strongest speeds closer to the mountains along
    the north/east edges of the Phoenix area). Any ceilings will
    remain AOA 20kft.
    Southeast California/Southwest Arizona including KIPL and KBLH:
    Light winds favoring north/west directions will continue
    overnight. A cold front coming in late Thursday morning will bring
    winds of 10-15 kt and localized gusts into the low 20s, which will
    persist into Thursday afternoon. Any ceilings will remain AOA
    Aviation Discussion not updated for amended TAFs.