What's New on the Web Site

2017 Nov 15 - release

Removal of Legacy Pages

Many of the old legacy pages slated for removal last year didn't. This is the second effort to remove the unsupported pages. The "/adds" pages were removed or turned into redirects last year. Here is the list of pages affected this year. If the action is redirect, the page is automatically redirected to the new page. If the action is banner, the link exists but a banner says the page will turn into a redirect by the end of the year. If the action is removed, the page no longer exists.

Link Action New Page
/qicpremovedNone, QICP was ended in 2013.

Fixes to PDD Links

The PDD links on the pages used the "http" prefix. This is no longer available on the products.weather.gov website. You must use "https" to access the links. As a result, all the links on this website to the PDD pages have been updated to use "https".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the determination of the valid time on the /windtemp interactive display.
  • Fixed issues with the "Local Forecast" auto-completion code. This has been converted to use the same code as "weather.gov".

2017 Oct 10 - release

End of CONUS Area Forecasts (FA)

The web pages under "/areafcst" have been updated to not show links to the CONUS area forecasts. Since these products are no longer being generated, the links won't show anything. The links for Alaska, Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean are still there since these products are still being generated. To get equivalent forecast information, go to the GFA Tool /gfa under the Tools menu.

2017 Jul 10 - release

Operational Status of Aviation Cloud and Surface Forecasts

The web pages under "/gfa/plot" have been updated to show the page is now operations (experimental text removed). There are also updates to the help pages to reflect the operational status.

Update to SIGMET Help Page

The page now reflects the updated definitions and criteria for SIGMET issuance.

Addition of Privacy Statement to bottom of WIFS Registation Page

A privacy statement has been added per NWS policy for the collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Ceiling and Visibility CVA openlayers display for new filenames.
  • Fixed a bug with the user settings page where the setting wouldn't be applied on some browsers.

2017 May 10 - release

Updates to PIREP Submit Pages

Based on a set of AOPA recommendation, the PIREP Submit pages /airep/submit have been updated with a new interface to input the location. This makes the location entry more intuitive. Additional, quality control has been added to the full form. A new security setup and logging has been implemented to track user submissions and prevent the submission of inaccurate PIREPs.

TCF Issuance Time

An issuance time label has been added to the lower right on the TCF page "/tcf".

Updated PIREP Decoder for Magnetic North

Changed decoder to use established correction for magnetic north at each VOR rather than using current magnetic variation.

New Features

  • Updated user administration interface to allow for easier selection of users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the user settings page to work around a cookie permission issue.
  • Updated DAP links to properly reference aviationweather.gov.
  • Fixed bug in radar mosaic region selector.
  • Fixed issue with possible malformed GeoJSON from CWAs.

2017 Mar 23 - release

New GFA Static Image Page

Finished interface to GFA static images "/gfa/plot" on the website. The images are now named the Aviation Cloud (ACF) and Surface Forecasts (ASF). Added help page for static imagery.

Added Time Buttons to TAF Board

The TAF Board now has selectable arrows in the time header to advance and

Added DAP Links to Website

Added links to website layout for DAP (Google Analytics) to help monitor website usage.

New Features

  • Updated text on METAR symbols page "/metar/symbol" to match NWS documentation for each weather type.
  • Updated ECFP page so it doesn't refresh the whole page when time is changed.
  • Updated text on the top of the standard briefing page.
  • Updates for user administration page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few small bugs in awc_openlayers.js library.
  • Fixed a bug for NWS Hazards JSON output.