Problem: The following message appears at the top of the page and nothing works:

"This page requires JavaScript. You will need Netscape 3.0 or higher or internet explorer 3.0 or higher and JavaScript enabled to view this."

Solution: Check version of your browser. If not 3.0 or higher then it will need to be upgraded. If the browser is new enough then you will need to enable JavaScript. Go to "Setup" for information on how to do this"

Problem: Display is not updating.

Solution: Caching should not have to be turned off. However, if you your display will not auto
update try turning it off. There are reports of the movies not updating properly when caching is on
while the other products update fine. To turn off caching in:


  • Click on edit at the top of the browser.
  • select preferences.
  • Click on "+" to the left of Advanced.
  • Click on Cache.
  • set both Memory Cache and Disk Cache to 0.

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on Tools at the top of the browser.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • On the General tab click Settings.
  • Set check for newer versions of stored pages to Automatically.


If this is an occasional occurrence then the easiest solution is to quit and restart your browser. When this does not work then it may be an outage on our end. This system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7days a week so be patient, someone is working on the problem.

Problem: Display does not return to user selected zoom and/or product after an auto-update

Solution: Need to allow cookies. See Setup for information on how to turn this on.