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WSR-88D national radar and echo top mosaics (provided by NOAA with mosaics created and distributed by UNISYS) and cloud-to-ground lightning (provided by Global Atmospherics Inc) are combined to create the detection images. The Convective Hazard Detection field is depicted based on a 6 level intensity scale. The 6 levels fundamentally correspond to VIP level. 


The forecast button allows the user to select the forecast shapes. The image shows the blue forecast shapes with a vector going from center of the storm to its forecasted position. The labels indicate storm speed in knots and the maximum echo top in 100's of feet. 
To demo the effect ... move you mouse over the "Forecast" text above


The "Performance" button allows the user to review the performance of the previous hour's forecast. For more information on these data see Web Training for "Performance".
To demo the effect ... move you mouse over the "Performance" text above

     *** Note: Changing the selected button will automatically resume looping.

Data Times

When the forecast is on there will be two time labels at the top of the image. The time in white, is the valid time of the hazard field. This is followed by the time in blue, which is the Validation time of the forecast shapes.

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