Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by METARs form (0326 UTC 30 May 2017)
found at http://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/metars/
KMAF 300209Z 3002/3024 12010KT P6SM BKN250 
     TEMPO 3010/3013 BKN020
KMBG 300103Z 3001/3024 33012KT P6SM FEW090 
     FM300300 33008KT P6SM SKC 
     FM301500 32012G20KT P6SM SKC
KMBS 292320Z 3000/3024 25014KT P6SM SCT090 
     FM300200 25006KT P6SM SCT060 
     FM301400 24014G20KT P6SM BKN045 
     FM301700 25016G25KT P6SM BKN060
KMCB 292342Z 3000/3024 24008G14KT P6SM SCT150 
     FM300200 00000KT P6SM -SHRA BKN050 OVC090 
     TEMPO 3002/3005 4SM -TSRA OVC040CB 
     FM301100 VRB03KT P6SM BKN050 OVC080 
     FM301400 10004KT P6SM OVC040 
     FM302300 12007KT P6SM VCSH SCT020 BKN050
KMCE 292320Z 3000/3024 32010KT P6SM SCT250
TAF KMCF 300000Z 3000/3106 28009KT 9999 SCT040 QNH3001INS 
     BECMG 3020/3021 30006KT 9999 FEW060 FEW250 QNH3005INS TX31/3017Z TN23/3011Z
KMCI 292320Z 3000/3024 27008KT P6SM SKC 
     FM300900 VRB04KT P6SM SCT150 
     FM301500 22010KT P6SM SCT150 
     FM301900 27010KT P6SM VCTS BKN050CB
KMCK 292320Z 3000/3024 34009KT P6SM SCT100 
     FM300200 VRB05KT P6SM SCT070 
     FM301800 01007KT P6SM SKC
KMCN 300036Z 3001/3024 VRB03KT P6SM SCT120 BKN250 
     TEMPO 3001/3002 4SM TSRA BKN030CB 
     FM300800 00000KT 4SM BR SCT015 BKN120 
     FM301300 27005KT P6SM SCT015 
     FM301600 27009KT P6SM BKN040 
     PROB30 3019/3024 4SM -TSRA BKN020CB
KMCO 300242Z 3003/3024 VRB02KT P6SM FEW060 SCT250 
     FM301300 25004KT P6SM SCT020 SCT060 
     FM301800 VRB05KT P6SM VCSH SCT040 SCT070 
     FM302230 11010KT P6SM VCSH SCT040 BKN120
KMCW 292320Z 3000/3024 31015G24KT P6SM VCSH SCT050 BKN080 
     FM300200 28010KT P6SM SCT070 
     FM301700 30013G21KT P6SM VCSH BKN060
KMDT 300325Z 3003/3024 10007KT P6SM BKN012 
     FM300800 11006KT 5SM BR OVC009 
     FM301800 14007KT P6SM VCSH BKN020
KMDW 300304Z 3003/3024 26006KT P6SM VCSH FEW070 BKN100 
     TEMPO 3004/3005 34010KT 
     FM300500 26006KT P6SM SCT100 
     FM301500 26015G23KT P6SM BKN050 
     PROB30 3019/3024 6SM -SHRA
KMEI 292325Z 3000/3024 25003KT P6SM BKN110 
     FM300100 22003KT P6SM SCT100 BKN250 
     FM301000 00000KT P6SM BKN025 
     FM301300 00000KT P6SM -SHRA OVC090 
     FM301500 23004KT P6SM SHRA BKN050 OVC090
KMEM 300314Z 3003/3024 23004KT P6SM SCT250 
     FM301500 27006KT P6SM SCT100 BKN250
KMER 292320Z 3000/3024 33010KT P6SM SCT250
KMFE 292320Z 3000/3024 12011KT P6SM BKN040 
     TEMPO 3009/3012 4SM BR 
     FM301500 05010KT P6SM SCT030 
     FM302100 04012KT P6SM VCSH BKN040
KMFR 300210Z 3002/3024 30006KT P6SM VCSH SCT090 BKN250 
     FM300500 VRB03KT P6SM SCT090 BKN250 
     FM301200 32005KT P6SM SCT030 BKN050 
     FM302100 32010KT P6SM BKN050
TAF AMD KMGE 292207Z 2921/3103 06009KT 9999 SCT020 BKN100 QNH3000INS 
     TEMPO 2922/2924 26020G30KT 8000 -TSRA OVC020CB 
     BECMG 3004/3005 28006KT 9999 FEW015 BKN030 OVC090 QNH3003INS 
     BECMG 3012/3013 27009KT 8000 -SHRA BKN025 OVC080 QNH3004INS 
     TEMPO 3015/3018 30015G20KT 4800 -TSRA BKN020CB 
     BECMG 3019/3020 26009KT 9999 NSW FEW040 SCT200 QNH3006INS TX28/3021Z TN19/3010Z
KMGM 292355Z 3000/3024 27007KT P6SM VCSH SCT050 OVC120 
     FM300500 26004KT P6SM OVC090 
     FM301400 26006KT P6SM VCSH OVC025 
     FM301600 27006KT P6SM VCTS SCT025 BKN035CB
KMGW 292330Z 3000/3024 21005KT P6SM SCT060 
     FM301600 23010KT P6SM VCSH BKN050
KMHK 292329Z 3000/3024 34007KT P6SM SKC 
     FM300100 VRB01KT P6SM SKC 
     FM301600 23007KT P6SM VCTS SCT050CB 
     FM302100 27006KT P6SM FEW050
KMHR 292320Z 3000/3024 22008KT P6SM FEW250 
     FM300500 17010KT P6SM SKC
KMHT 292320Z 3000/3024 08005KT P6SM BKN008 OVC020 
     TEMPO 3000/3004 5SM BR BKN004 OVC008 
     FM300500 VRB03KT 4SM BR OVC003 
     FM301300 15006KT P6SM OVC012 
     FM301800 15006KT P6SM BKN025 OVC040
KMIA 300255Z 3003/3024 VRB03KT P6SM SCT250 
     FM301500 13008KT P6SM FEW040 SCT250 
     FM301800 10012KT P6SM SCT035 SCT250
TAF KMIB 300100Z 3001/3107 32012KT 9999 OVC090 510012 QNH2995INS 
     BECMG 3003/3004 VRB06KT 9999 BKN040 510012 QNH3001INS 
     BECMG 3011/3012 32006KT 9999 SCT017 510023 QNH3009INS 
     BECMG 3014/3015 34015KT 9999 FEW040 510023 QNH3008INS 
     BECMG 3102/3103 VRB06KT 9999 SKC QNH3009INS TX17/3020Z TN06/3008Z
KMIV 292334Z 3000/3024 09008KT P6SM OVC012 
     FM300200 11007KT 4SM BR OVC008 
     FM300500 VRB02KT 2SM BR OVC004 
     TEMPO 3007/3011 1SM -DZ BR OVC002 
     FM301600 12008KT 3SM BR OVC008
KMKE 300300Z 3003/3106 26011KT P6SM BKN060 
     FM301600 26015G24KT P6SM SCT040 BKN060 
     FM310400 27005KT P6SM BKN060
KMKL 292320Z 3000/3024 VRB03KT P6SM SCT250 
     FM301500 27006KT P6SM SCT100 BKN250
KMLB 292320Z 3000/3024 11008KT P6SM SCT250 
     FM300200 20004KT P6SM SCT250 
     FM301300 25004KT P6SM SCT030 
     FM301700 09010KT P6SM SCT040
KMLI 292320Z 3000/3024 29014G22KT P6SM SCT080 
     FM300100 28007KT P6SM FEW100 
     FM301600 26012G20KT P6SM SCT070
KMLS 300159Z 3002/3024 VRB06KT P6SM FEW200
KMLU 292344Z 3000/3024 VRB03KT P6SM BKN045 
     FM300200 VRB03KT P6SM SCT050 BKN130 OVC250 
     FM301600 VRB03KT P6SM BKN030 
     FM301800 VRB05KT P6SM BKN040 
     FM302000 10005KT P6SM SCT045 SCT250
KMMH 292324Z 3000/3024 17007G16KT P6SM FEW120 SCT250 
     FM300100 27010G18KT P6SM FEW120 SCT250 
     FM300400 VRB04KT P6SM FEW120 SCT180 
     FM301700 15009KT P6SM FEW080
TAF AMD KMMT 300203Z 3002/3105 20009KT 9999 SCT030 QNH2990INS 
     TEMPO 3002/3003 21020G45KT 4000 -TSRAGR BKN020CB 
     TEMPO 3003/3005 22010G15KT 4800 -TSRA SCT015CB 
     BECMG 3004/3005 22012KT 8000 -SHRA FEW030 BKN050 QNH2998INS 
     TEMPO 3018/3023 26010G15KT 
     BECMG 3022/3023 21006KT 9999 NSW FEW015 QNH2996INS TX33/3021Z TN20/3012Z
KMOB 300248Z 3003/3024 VRB04KT 5SM -SHRA BKN020 OVC040 
     TEMPO 3003/3005 3SM -TSRA OVC020CB 
     FM301300 06006KT P6SM OVC050
KMOT 300136Z 3002/3024 34010KT P6SM SCT100 
     FM300600 29010KT P6SM SCT070 
     FM300900 29011KT P6SM BKN070 
     FM301200 30013KT P6SM BKN025 BKN040 
     FM301500 31015KT P6SM SCT030 BKN050 
     FM302100 33013KT P6SM SCT060
KMPV 300110Z 3001/3024 16008KT P6SM OVC008 
     TEMPO 3001/3005 SCT008 OVC012 
     FM300900 17006KT P6SM BKN009 OVC015 
     FM301100 17007KT P6SM SCT010 BKN020 
     FM301500 17009G17KT P6SM VCSH SCT015 BKN020 
     FM302000 17012G20KT 6SM -SHRA BR SCT015 BKN025
KMRY 300304Z 3003/3024 25006KT P6SM OVC008 
     FM301000 25006KT P6SM OVC005 
     FM301800 27010KT P6SM OVC010 
     FM302300 24012KT P6SM BKN015
KMRB 292326Z 3000/3024 VRB04KT P6SM SCT080 
     FM300900 VRB03KT 4SM BR BKN010 
     FM301500 16005KT P6SM BKN020 
     FM301700 17006KT P6SM BKN250
KMSL 300301Z 3003/3024 VRB02KT 2SM BR SCT120 SCT250 
     TEMPO 3008/3012 4SM BR 
     FM301400 VRB04KT P6SM SCT040 BKN120
KMSO 292327Z 3000/3024 35006KT P6SM SCT090 
     FM300300 VRB03KT P6SM SKC
KMSN 292320Z 3000/3024 27010G16KT P6SM VCTS SCT040 BKN060CB 
     FM300200 27006KT P6SM SCT070 
     FM301600 27012G21KT P6SM SCT030 BKN060
KMSP 300258Z 3003/3106 29009KT P6SM SCT040 BKN100 
     FM301300 29010KT P6SM BKN025 
     FM301600 29014G22KT P6SM VCSH BKN025 OVC050 
     FM310000 29012KT P6SM BKN050
KMSS 292338Z 3000/3024 18005KT P6SM VCSH SCT035 OVC050 
     TEMPO 3000/3004 BKN030 BKN035 
     FM301400 21012KT P6SM VCSH SCT025 BKN030 
     FM301800 21014G21KT 6SM -SHRA BKN025 BKN035 
     FM302200 20010KT P6SM SCT030 BKN045
KMSY 300150Z 3002/3024 00000KT 5SM -RA BR VCTS FEW070CB OVC090 
     FM300330 09005KT P6SM BKN080 OVC120 
     FM301400 11010KT P6SM BKN040 OVC090 
     FM301800 06005KT P6SM VCTS BKN030CB
TAF KMTC 300100Z 3001/3107 23009KT 9999 SCT060 QNH2981INS 
     BECMG 3014/3015 26015G25KT 9999 FEW040 QNH2989INS 
     BECMG 3021/3022 21009KT 9999 SCT070 BKN090 QNH2991INS TX23/3021Z TN12/3009Z LAST NO AMDS AFT 3003 NEXT 3009
KMTH 292320Z 3000/3024 12005KT P6SM FEW025 
     FM300300 12007KT P6SM SCT025 
     FM301800 10007KT P6SM FEW025
KMTJ 292328Z 3000/3024 VRB03KT P6SM SCT110 
     FM300200 13005KT P6SM FEW110 
     FM300400 14007KT P6SM SKC 
     FM301500 VRB03KT P6SM SKC 
     FM301800 34004KT P6SM FEW110 
     FM302000 31008KT P6SM SCT110
KMTN 300023Z 3000/3024 07006KT P6SM BKN015 
     FM300300 11007KT P6SM BKN010 
     FM300600 11005KT 3SM BR BKN005 
     FM301500 12006KT P6SM OVC010 AMD NOT SKED 3002/3012
KMTW 292331Z 3000/3024 26013G20KT P6SM VCSH SCT040 BKN080 
     FM300200 26008KT P6SM BKN060 
     FM300700 26008KT P6SM SCT060 
     FM301500 26011G19KT P6SM SCT040 
     FM301700 27013G21KT P6SM VCSH BKN045
KMWH 292339Z 3000/3024 04006KT P6SM SKC 
     FM301400 04007KT P6SM SCT250 
     FM301800 12009KT P6SM SCT250
KMYL 292333Z 3000/3024 VRB04KT P6SM FEW080
KMYR 292320Z 3000/3024 20009KT P6SM SKC 
     FM300300 19006KT P6SM SKC 
     TEMPO 3003/3006 P6SM TS BKN050CB 
     FM300600 20004KT P6SM SCT250 
     TEMPO 3006/3009 P6SM TS BKN050CB 
     FM300900 25007KT P6SM BKN250