Interactive Display

The interactive map shows Collborative Aviation Weather Statements (CAWS). The CAWS show up as polygons for the hazard area. Each polygon will be labeled with the number as well as the hazard for the outlines. The polygons are grey to make them distinctive from SIGMETs.

Each polygon is clickable to obtain a summary of the CAWS as well as a link to view the full CAWS.

Current Display

The current CAWS display shows all CAWS that are currently Valid. Each entry will include the CAWS number, hazard, issue time, valid period, and a thumbnail image.

Both the title and the image are clickable to view the full image and text for the corresponding CAWS.


The archive allows viewing of all previously issued CAWS, both final and prelim. By using the archive widget at the bottom of every page, select the date of interest either by typing it in the request field, or by using the calendar tool, then click "Retrieve". If there were CAWS issued on this date, a listing of all the CAWS issued on that date will be displayed on the page, including any updates to the product.