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    Showers and rain will continue to spread north, affecting
    CMH/LCK and DAY by TAF issuance time. This prevailing light rain
    will occur with cigs around 12-1500' through the period,
    occasionally rising to 2kft late in the day and evening. Lower
    cigs dropping to IFR category will probably occur through early
    morning today and the first few hours of the 12z TAF issuance.
    After sunset, prevailing rain will break up in favor of
    scattered shower activity for the remainder of the overnight
    An isolated thunderstorm is not out of the question later this
    afternoon and early evening, particularly at KDAY where the
    dynamics line up between 21z and 01z. Have seen two CG strikes
    in the CWA with this initial line of showers moving northward.
    Given some insolation during the day, a few more isolated
    strikes could be possible just about anywhere today.
    Characterizing this as the expected weather would be an
    exaggeration though, and thunder remains removed from the TAF
    forecast today. Will amend if noted development occurs or if
    movement of a discrete cell looks to impact a TAF site later
    OUTLOOK...Thunderstorms with mvfr cigs/vsbys are possible
    Tuesday into Wednesday.