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    As of 10:31 AM PDT Tuesday for 18Z TAFs. Widespread
    stratus continues to bring MVFR/IFR ceilings across the San
    Francisco Bay Area. Visible satellite shows the low clouds
    beginning to mix-out in the North Bay Valleys as of the 18Z TAF
    publication time; however, many of the major Bay Area airports
    remain blanketed. Several terminals will likely stay OVC/BKN
    through the entire day, and for those that do clear, ceilings will
    return again overnight.
    Vicinity of KSFO...MVFR ceilings are expected to prevail through
    the day as a consequence to the deep marine layer, strong onshore
    gradient, and healthy stratus feed pushing through the San Bruno
    Gap from the Pacific. Winds will increase in the afternoon to 15
    to 20 kt with higher gusts possible. Ceilings will drop again
    after sunset, perhaps flirting with IFR levels.
    SFO Bridge Approach...Could see some SCT/BKN conditions just south
    of the bridge, though overall expecting similar conditions to
    that of the terminal.
    Monterey Bay Terminals...MVFR conditions will likely prevail at
    KMRY during the day. There's a chance KSNS could transition from
    MVFR to VRF given sufficient mixing, though opted to take the
    conservative approach in the TAF. Will continue to monitor and
    amend if necessary. MVFR/IFR conditions expected overnight.