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    Updated at 1200Z.
    South-Central Arizona including KPHX, KIWA, KSDL, and KDVT and
    Southeast California/Southwest Arizona including KIPL and KBLH:
    Mostly cloudy skies will prevail with SCT-BKN low-mid-high clouds
    with CIGS aoa 7/8-12 kft today. Occasional scattered light
    showers with embedded heavier showers and possibly some isolated
    thunderstorms will continue in the area through roughly mid
    morning. Any stronger showers/storms will be capable of generating
    erratic, gusty outflow winds with gusts upwards of 25-30 kt.
    Overall confidence in wind directions is only modest due to this
    A window of quieter weather is possible from around mid morning
    to early-mid afternoon with less shower activity. There is the
    potential (30%) for some isolated to scattered thunderstorms to
    develop again this afternoon which could again bring more gusty,
    erratic winds and slightly lower BKN CIGs near 7-8kft. A downward
    trend in clouds/showers/storms is expected Wednesday evening after
    04Z. Winds to trend more diurnal later tonight.