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    South-Central Arizona including KPHX, KIWA, and KSDL:
    Biggest aviation issue initially will be low level wind shear as a
    strong 30kt low level SELY jet develops across the Phoenix area; as
    surface east winds decouple and fall below 10kt shear will increase.
    Thus a mention of LLWS in the TAFs from about 09z thru 16z. After
    16z, mechanical mixing will increase surface winds and decrease
    shear potential. Expect increasing clouds later tonight into the day
    on Saturday with most bases 7-10kt feet. May see some CIGs at times.
    By late afternoon may see a few showers developing; better showers
    threats in the evening. Also thunder becomes possible in the evening
    so added a VCTS to the TAFs starting about 02z Sunday. Wind shear
    looks to redevelop again Sunday morning so added another wind shear
    group into the KPHX TAF after 08z.
    Southeast California/Southwest Arizona including KIPL and KBLH:
    No significant aviation issues next 24 hours. Expect winds to favor
    the north to northeast at KBLH with speeds mostly below 15kt. Winds
    at KIPL to favor the west through late morning, then the
    north/northeast and then back to west by Sunday evening. Expect some
    mid level clouds to move into the area by Saturday morning with most
    bases 8-12kt feet. CIGS are possible but most likely clouds stay in
    the FEW-SCT ranges.
    Aviation Discussion not updated for amended TAFs.