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    South-Central Arizona including KPHX, KIWA, and KSDL:
    In the wake of a passing cold front, lingering low/mid level cloud
    decks persist across portions of the greater Phoenix area, with CIGs
    running 8-10k feet as of 5 am. Expect clouds to thin/clear shortly
    after sunrise but there may be CIGs lingering til 14z or so before
    skies become mostly sunny. After that expect genly clear skies thru
    tonight with maybe a few higher based CU persisting into the
    afternoon. Winds to favor the west in the Phoenix area today,
    finally returning to the east after midnight tonight.
    Southeast California/Southwest Arizona including KIPL and KBLH:
    No significant aviation impacts expected over the next 24 hours.
    Skies to be mostly clear at the TAF sites. Winds to favor the north
    at KBLH with a few gusts to near 20kt possible during the mid-day
    period. Winds favor the west at KIPL thru late morning...and again
    this evening, otherwise turning more towards the north at speeds
    mostly 10kt or less.
    Aviation Discussion not updated for amended TAFs.