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    South-Central Arizona including KPHX, KIWA, and KSDL:
    Only minimal aviation impacts through Thursday afternoon as
    thunderstorms should remain well removed from terminal locations.
    While a few showers could drift into the surrounding airspace
    Thursday morning, its more likely just expansive thick mid/high
    clouds persist during the day. A few decks around 6K ft could form
    with partial mountain obscuration, but largely cigs will remain 10K
    ft and higher. Sfc winds may become somewhat variable overnight
    between SW and SE headings before settling on an easterly component.
    Much like today, a switch back to westerly may take longer then
    usual given the cloud cover.
    Southeast California/Southwest Arizona including KIPL and KBLH:
    Little to no aviation impacts through Thursday afternoon as isolated
    early evening thunderstorms were dissipating with sunset. 10-15kt SE
    winds will be favored at KIPL while S/SW winds persist at KBLH.
    Aviation Discussion not updated for amended TAFs.