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    202000Z...Coast/Valleys...Stratus with bases 1200-2000 ft MSL are
    over Orange County and along the San Diego County coast. Stratus
    will move back inland around 00Z and spread into the inland valleys
    overnight. Bases will be 1000-2000 ft MSL with tops lifting to 4500
    ft MSL and areas of drizzle overnight. Local vis 3-5 SM in BR/HZ in
    the valleys after 10Z. Clearing will occur inland 17-20Z and locally
    along the coast after 20Z.
    Mountains/Deserts...Mostly clear through this evening. Coastal
    slopes will become obscured in clouds/fog tonight into Friday
    West winds with surface gusts of 35-45 kt will occur over the
    mountain crests, desert mountain slopes, and below passes from 21Z
    until 10Z tomorrow morning. Winds expected to pick up again Friday
    afternoon. Areas of strong UDDFS and rotors possible over and east
    of the mountains.