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    180530Z...Coast/Valleys...Showers will mostly be isolated and light
    the rest of tonight. However, widespread low ceilings will continue
    with cloud bases quite variable between 600 and 3000 ft MSL with
    layers to above 8000 ft MSL and areas of terrain obscured. Vis will
    occasionally be 2-4 miles in fog, locally below 1 mile, with some
    improvement late tonight. Gradual clearing will occur Friday, with
    mostly SCT conditions after 20Z.
    Mountains...Widespread terrain obscurations in clouds, rain, and fog
    will continue this evening, with some decrease in obscurations after
    08Z. Areas of southwest to west surface winds 20-35 knots with local
    gusts 40-50 knots will occur near ridges and desert slopes through
    14Z Fri along with strong up/downdrafts. Generally SCT local BKN
    conditions will occur Fri with variable cloud bases.
    Deserts...Areas of fog with vis 2-5 miles will occur overnight, with
    most clouds above 8000 ft MSL. Most areas should have unrestricted
    vis after 16Z Fri.