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    172000Z...Coasts/Valleys...BKN/OVC coastal stratus will begin to
    spread back inland after 00Z this evening, with similar bases to
    this morning, with bases 1300-1800 ft MSL and tops to 2200 ft MSL.
    Stratus should clear to the coast 16-18Z Saturday morning, with some
    clouds lingering at the beaches into Saturday afternoon.
    Mountains/Deserts...Scattered TSRA over the mountains and deserts
    through this evening, with strong up/downdrafts, LLWS and surface
    wind gusts to 40 knots. CB bases will be around 8000 ft MSL with
    tops to 45000 ft MSL. Otherwise, FEW-SCT clouds at/above 10000 ft
    MSL, with vis unrestricted outside of TSRA.