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    For McCarran...Showers and storms have already begun to
    develop this afternoon over the higher elevations of Clark County.
    The valley is expected to remain dry with low-end chances for any
    gusty, outflow winds making it the terminal. Overall, winds should
    shift more southerly through this evening before drainage winds
    settle in tonight out of the southwest. Saturday looks to be mostly
    dry with light winds following close to typical diurnal trends.
    Speeds should remain around 10 knots or less for the period.
    For the rest of southern Nevada, northwest Arizona and southeast
    California...Showers and storms have begun to develop this afternoon
    across the area with the highest coverage of activity being over
    Mohave County. Storms have been relatively short-lived but localized
    flooding and gusty, erratic winds will be possible where storms do
    develop. Outside of storms, winds should remain relatively light,
    around 10 knots or less, and follow close to diurnal trends through
    tomorrow. Drier conditions are expected on Saturday.