Flight Path Tool v2 Help


After extensive re-design and consideration of user feedback, the ADDS development team released version 2 of the flagship ADDS Java application, the Flight Path Tool in April 2008. We believe the new tool is significantly improved from prior versions and is the most comprehensive and user-friendly weather visualization software available. Like its predecessor, the Flight Path Tool displays three-dimensional icing, turbulence, winds, temperature, and humidity in horizontal and vertical views. Newly available two-dimensional data include satellite, radar, cloud ceiling, surface visibility, and flight category. The ceiling, surface visibility, and flight category data include a low confidence overlay. Typical forecast and observed textual data including surface weather reports (METARs), terminal forecasts (TAFs), voice and automated pilot reports (PIREPs), and en-route weather advisories (AIRMETs and SIGMETs) that are available to view graphically and/or in text form. Another new feature in this version is the Meteorogram tool that combines past observed weather data (METARs) combined with future prediction (TAFs) in tabular form.