International Flight Folder Program

The International Flight Folder Documentation Program (IFFDP) has an automated fax request line called the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. After calling, you simply specify which product(s) you need and the system will fax them to you. If you are an IFFDP customer, you are already eligible to use this FREE, 24 hour service. If you do not have an existing account, your operation needs to fall under Annex 3 of the Convention of International Civil Aviation in order to be considered.

To access, just dial the toll free number 1-877-808-2203 and follow these steps, you will be prompted along by the system:

  1. Enter your Identification number. This is your contact telephone number including area code that was provided to IFFDP.
  2. Enter your PIN number. This is the last four digits of the fax number you receive IFFDP weather products on.
  3. Enter the desired Document Number(s). These can be found on the very top left of each faxed product or by clicking on the catalog below:
    Document Catalog (html / pdf)
If you are unsure of the above numbers or need help selecting a product, please call our Help desk toll free at 1-877-280-2811, 8am-5pm CST 5 days/week.

Once you make an automated request, your product(s) will be faxed immediately.
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