Updated Product URLs

Pages with new Addresses

The following pages have been moved to new adresses, please update your bookmarks, scripts, apps, and/or notes. All of the URLs listed below begin with https://www.aviationweather.gov, it was been omitted from the table to increase legibility.

Product Old URL New URL
AIR/SIGMET Form Data /popups/airmets /sigmet/data
Aircraft Reports /popups/pireps /airep/data
Aviation Area Forecasts /products/fa /areafcst
Aviation Forecast Discussion /products/afd /fcstdisc
Current RCM Radar Plot /obs/radar /radar/rcm
CWSU Advisories /popups/cwsu /cwamis
GAIRMET Display /products/gairmet /gairmet/display
GAIRMET Thumbnails /products/gairmet/displaygairmet /gairmet/thumb
International Flight Folder /iffdp /flightfolder
International Satellite /obs/sat/intl /satellite
Standard Briefing /stdbrief /briefing
Winds/Temps (FBWinds) /products/nws /windtemp