Data at: 2308 UTC 26 Feb 2020

METAR for:KMWN (Mount Washington(OBS, NH, US)
Text:KMWN 262251Z 15016KT 1/16SM -SHSN FZFG DRSN VV001 M06/M06 RMK VRY LGT ICG
Temperature: -6.0°C ( 21°F)
Dewpoint: -6.0°C ( 21°F) [RH = 100%]
Winds:from the SSE (150 degrees) at 18 MPH (16 knots; 8.2 m/s)
Visibility: 0.06 sm ( 0.10 km)
Ceiling:indefinite ceiling with vertical visibility of 100 feet AGL
Clouds:obscured sky
Weather:-SHSN FZFG DRSN (light snow showers, freezing fog, low drifting snow)