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Data at: 2022 UTC 26 Sep 2021

METAR for:KNSE (Milton/Whiting N(NAS, FL, US)
Text:KNSE 261956Z AUTO VRB04KT 10SM CLR 29/14 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP164 T02890144 $
Temperature: 28.9°C ( 84°F)
Dewpoint: 14.4°C ( 58°F) [RH = 41%]
Pressure (altimeter):30.06 inches Hg (1018.0 mb) [Sea level pressure: 1016.4 mb]
Winds:variable direction winds at 5 MPH (4 knots; 2.1 m/s)
Visibility:10 or more sm (16+ km)
Ceiling:at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds:sky clear below 12,000 feet AGL
QC Flag:automated observation with no human augmentation; SOME DATA ABOVE MAY BE INACCURATE!!!"$" is an indication the sensor requires maintenance.

TAF for:KNSE (Milton/Whiting N(NAS, FL, US) issued at 1506 UTC 26 Sep 2021
Text:TAF KNSE 2615/2715 VRB06KT 9999 FEW030 QNH3003INS AUTOMATED SENSOR METWATCH 2615 TIL 2712 T29/2619Z T16/2709Z FN00199
Forecast period:1500 UTC 26 September 2021 to 1500 UTC 27 September 2021
Forecast type:FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds:variable direction winds at 7 MPH (6 knots; 3.1 m/s)
Visibility:6 or more sm (10+ km)
Ceiling:at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 3000 feet AGL