SIGMET Interactive Help

Interactive Display

The interactive display shows three data types:

  • US SIGMETs - SIGMETs issued for the CONUS.
  • International SIGMETs - SIGMETs issued outside the CONUS.
  • CWAs - Center Weather Advisories issued by the CWSUs.

Each type of hazard is colored differently. The convective SIGMETs are filled red. The turbulence SIGMETs are brown. The icing SIGMETs are blue. Ash SIGMETs are gray. All SIGMETs have a red border.

Figure 1: SIGMET polygon colors

CWAs have the same fill color but the outlines and text are black rather than red so they can be distinguished from SIGMETs.

Figure 2: CWA polygon colors

SIGMETs can be filtered by altitude range by adjusting the Top and Bottom selectors.

The SIGMETs and CWAs are all clickable to access the raw text of the product.

NOTE: Because of differences in encoding, the international SIGMETs only show the region or FIR that the SIGMET is valid. In some cases, a polygon can be decoded and resulting area shown. In most others, the SIGMET is only valid for a subset of the region shown. Multiple SIGMETs may be valid for the same area. PLEASE refer to the SIGMET text or go to the SIGMET data page to get all the SIGMETs in an area.

URL Options

Here is a list of the URL options:

  • date=yyyymmddhhnn - This selects a specific date and time to display. The ADDS database stores roughly a weeks worth of METAR data. Selecting a specific date will display METARs valid for that time.
  • center=lat,lon - This will center the map at a specific latitude and longitude. The default is 39,-97.
  • zoom=level - This sets the zoom level. The default is 4. A higher number zooms in. A lower number zooms out.
  • basemap={light|dark|simple} - This selects the type of basemap. The default is light.
  • sat={on|off} - This turns the satellite layer on or off. The default is on.
  • sigmet={on|off} - This turns on and off the US SIGMET layer. The default is on.
  • isigmet={on|off} - This turns on and off the International SIGMET layer. The default is on.
  • cwa={on|off} - This turns on and off the CWA layer. The default is on.
  • top=### - This sets the top level for SIGMETs. The default is undefined.
  • bottom=### - This sets the bottom level for SIGMETs. The default is undefined.
  • highways={on|off} - Turns highway layer on or off. These are primarily interstates. The default is off.
  • jetroutes={on|off} - Turns the top jetroutes layer on or off. The default is off.
  • firs={on|off} - Turns the FIR layer on or off. The default is off.
  • hover={on|off} - Turns on hover for features. The popups will come up when mouse hovers. Default is off.

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