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The World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Internet File Service (WIFS) is provided by the United States National Weather Service (NWS) Aviation Weather Center (AWC) as a highly reliable Internet source of meteorological products. The purpose of WIFS is to provide timely delivery of critical aviation-related weather information to support air traffic management and flight operations in over 80 countries, and regional meteorological telecommunications between the United States and nations in the Caribbean and Central America. This service is available to all authorized customers. Once the FAA approves a user state to access the WIFS system, the AWC will issue a user name and password which will be required to access the data. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in Amendment 75 to Annex 3, recognizes the use of the Internet to access aviation weather data in support of flight planning. The WIFS provides this capability and serves an important function backing up the International Satellite Communications System (ISCS). The FAA plans to discontinue the satellite service in June of 2012. The WIFS will become the primary service at that time.

Access to the WIFS data requires a user name and password.

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