WAFS workstation Vendors

WIFS Vendor POC Information

Paul Heppner, Program Manager
Global Science & Technology, Inc.
7855 Walker Drive, Suite 200
Greenbelt, MD, 20770

IPS MeteoStar
Richard Stedronsky
IPS MeteoStar, Inc.
99 Inverness Drive East STE 130
Englewood, CO 80112
[P] (303) 242-5002
[E] sted@meteostar.com

Info-Electronics Systems Inc.
1755 St. Regis, Suite 100
Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, H9B 2M9
Tel. Number: (514) 421-0767
Fax Number: (514) 421-0769
Email Address: contact@info-electronics.com
Contact person: Wendy Borsuk
Tel. Number: (514) 421-0767, ext. 223
Fax Number: (514) 421-0769
Email Address: wendy@info-electronics.com

Morcom International, Inc.
POC: Manuel Ojeda
Phone: (703) 263-9305
E-Mail: info@morcom.com
Web: www.morcom.com

POC: Isabelle Jouannot
Phone: +33 1 45 73 60 60
E-Mail: sales@corobor.com
Web: www.corobor.com

IBL Software Engineering
Product: Aero Weather
IBL Software Engineering
Contact person: Michal Weis
Address: Galvaniho 17/C, Bratislava, SK-82104 Slovak Republic
Website: www.iblsoft.com
E-Mail: aeroweather@iblsoft.com
Tel: +421-2-32662111
Fax: +421-2-32662110

MFI - Meteo France International
Product: AeroMetWeb Pilot Met Briefing
Contact person: Mr. Jean S├ębastien Cases
Website: http://www.mfi.fr
Contact : http://www.mfi.fr/en/contact.php
E-Mail: sales@mfi.fr
Tel: +33 561 43 2940
Fax: +33 561 43 2941

NetSys - NetSys International (Pty) Ltd
Product: nsGIB, nsWEBPIB
Contact person: Isak Lombard or Tiaan Wessels
Address: Palermo Suite, IL Villaggio, Persequor Technopark, Pretoria, 0020, South Africa
E-Mail: sales@netsys.aero
Tel: (27) 12-349-2056
Fax: (27) 12-349-2757

This list of vendors is not all inclusive. If there are other vendors that have a WIFS-capable product/solution, they should contact the FAA (dulce.roses@faa.gov) to start the process for their POC information to be added to this page."

WIFS Workstation Vendors

Database of Manufacturers of Meteorological Workstation Equipment can be found at:


(La base de datos de las empresas fabricantes del equipo para la estacion de trabajo meteorologica se pueden encontrar por la red del internet en la siguiente direccion).

Each manufacturer should be asked if their workstation equipment meets the ISCS Workstation Specification document.

(Cuando se comuniquen con los fabricantes, asegurecen que el equipo esta actualizado con los parametros necesarios para ISCS. Establecidos en el Documento de la Especificacion para las Estaciones de Trabajo del ISCS.


The ISCS Program Office does not recommend and does not endorse workstation equipment or workstation software from any vendor. Each manufacturer should be asked if their workstation equipment meets the WAFS Workstation Software Specification document. Information on the software specification and evaluation information can be found at: http://www.metoffice.com/aviation/sadis/software

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