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Products For WAFS Internet File Services (WIFS)

WIFS hosts WAFS products intended for flight planning and documentation in accordance with ICAO Annex 3, Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation. There are three types of products:

(1) Gridded Binary (GRIB) Coded Data (produced by WAFC Washington and WAFC London), containing forecasts of upper wind and temperature data, tropopause height and temperature, and maximum wind (height, speed, direction), using GRIB2 encoding on a 1.25 x 1.25 degree global grid for flight planning.

(2) Charts, consisting of upper-air wind and temperature forecasts at selected flight levels in PNG format (produced by WAFC Washington and WAFC London), significant weather (SIGWX) forecasts in BUFR and PNG formats (also produced by WAFC Washington and WAFC London), and volcanic ash dispersion advisories are provided in PNG format (produced by the nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers across the world).

(3) Operational Meteorology (OPMET) alphanumeric messages, consisting of (a) routine aviation weather reports (METAR and SPECI), (b) terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs), (c) en-route hazardous weather warnings of significant meteorological information (SIGMETs), (e) volcanic ash advisory messages (VAA) messages, and (f) tropical cyclone advisory messages. Administrative messages are also provided.

WIFS only provides those METAR, SPECI and TAFs listed in FASID Table MET 2A (which is listed in Annex 1 of the SADIS User's Guide), available at

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